Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Great Wall of Paper

If you're ever really trying to rattle your landlord and ensure at least the partial loss of a security deposit, here's a fun idea: wallpaper your rental! Being a recent graduate in New York, I obviously rent in a small, not outstandingly managed apartment. As lovely as the particular shade of curdled rice pudding that covered every wall was, I wanted to add some kind of personal touch, if only for the sake of my own sanity and creative experimentation.
Relenting to the reality that I'd probably want at least a fighting chance at seeing some of the $1,200 I'd laid down as a security deposit, I opted for what seemed like the most harmless space: the plywood wall above my white brick fireplace (you know what they say about playing up your best assets -- this was by far the apartment's greatest). The surface measured about 5 ft. by 6 ft. and was bordered by the mantel's brick, which continued to the ceiling, so the margin for error seemed acceptably small for my first wallpaper job. One $15 roll of antique paper from Ebay, a pot of wallpaper glue, two brushes, a flattener, and one slightly sticky evening later, these were the results (note strategic hanging of large photograph to minimize terror of visible bumps):

Total cost: <$35. Bam! 

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