Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the origin of the world (/blog)

^^ maybe don’t google that at work
One day I woke up and everyone had a blog.
I imagine it actually happened a little more gradually than that, but to my panicked 22 year old self, that’s what it seemed. Already feeling an underachiever in the age of the seemingly ubiquitous 25 year old college-dropout billionaire, I was fresh  out of my swanky liberal arts education and newly awash in the wall of “real-world” bafflement which so often arrives behind it when all of the sudden along came a new realization of mediocrity. I didn’t have a blog. I didn’t have a blog?! I’d somehow missed the boat on a generation-wide trend, and was falling more and more behind with each day that passed with nary a thought projected out into the vast echoes of the world wide web.  
I had to act.  I’m all for the trend of getting thoughts out on paper, and in this day and age it would seem thoughts are rendered null and void if not shared with the webosphere, hurled out into a virtual vastness for all or none to see.
As I pondered just what makes me *uNiQuE* (or what tumblr URL somehow applicable to me would not be taken by the rest of the obsessively blogging world), my eyes fell on my roommate, friend, and steadfast companion of my life thus far in New York City: my carved wooden reindeer statue, known to friends as Prancer. The silently judgmental observer of my every move within the exceedingly confined confines of my apartment, Prancer is a constant source of inspiration and companionship to me, and continued evidence of my borderline insanity to those who know me. Who better to serve as guide while I record my hopes, dreams,and everyday struggles delusions, ramblings and janky attempts at highbrow home decor? Join us. And remember: it’s Prancer’s world, we’re just living in it

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