Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Outsider's Take on NYFW: Coats, Coats, Sweaters and Coats

I don’t consider myself much of a fashionista, but the looks spotted on the streets this NYFW (yeah, I guess there was some cool stuff on the runways, too) were f*ing incredible. In perhaps the only positive outcome, besides the occasional decent “snowstagram,” of New York’s polar past few weeks, the city’s stylish masses flocked to Lincoln center unable to ignore one serious consideration: keep warm. As such, streets swarmed with layers on layers of coats, hats, sweaters (even, be still, my heart, more than a few turtlenecks!), coats and more coats swaddled around fashion’s finest. 
Since I’m a cold, cold person with a dark heart, I live for cold weather clothing, and the looks I saw this week had me seriously considering a buffalo-hunting trip out west so that I, too, might procure my very own wearable hide. 
I had to keep from drooling while clicking through Adam Katz Sinding’s gallery of street style looks for W magazine. Eva Chen expectedly nailed it in a killer purple coat that looks like something Willy Wonka would wear to tour Siberia (and I mean that as the highest praise).
Someone showed up in a pea coat bold enough to wake me from the snowstorm-induced daze under which I’ve been operating for the past three weeks (how the $*#% is it February already?!) and a hat which may finally present a solution to getting lost from my friends at the bar. 
Lauren Santo Domingo got a little black fox to hold down her lapel. (I’d like one of those, please!), and Lynn Yeager reigned over everyone in a drapey hide which I feel should have been hiding scrambling style bloggers in a Fashion Week version of The Nutcracker’s Mother Ginger. Also, any New Yorker is lying if she says she hasn’t wanted to crawl into one of these at some point over the last few weeks.  
I was transported back to my kilt-wearing private middle school days by this tartan dream, and reminded of the era of Furbies with this orange fuzzball. Louis Vuitton made Little Red Riding Hood a style icon, and someone (very) seriously wore a feather duster. New York’s lumberjack invasion undoubtedly proved very confusing for the native hipsters, who, miffed that the fashionable set got their hands on their flannels, have subsequently declared them “uncool.” For dessert there was Neapolitan ice cream. 
Thank you and goodnight; I’m off with a crossbow to whatever mythical land Eva Chen’s coat-animal inhabits. 

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